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About Lead Fit

Functional Fitness Bags

Let’s face the facts. 2020 has been a super crazy year and the quarantine life has imposed a lot of twists which forced many of us out of our usual workout routines, local gyms, and favorite athletic establishments. There was panic, shortages, inflated prices, and insane shipping costs swirling around fitness apparel - subjecting many people to settle for one trick pony equipment.

We thought it was time people started getting more out of their equipment. This is why we created Lead Fit.

The world of fitness enthusiasts (AKA you) is a wonderfully unique one. On a fundamental level we all have our own set of needs, goals, and requirements for our equipment. Not one piece of equipment is a fix all, but we believe our versatile bags come very close!

The Right Fit for You

Our bags rise to the occasion and work with most peoples fitness needs and living spaces regardless of their situations:

Don’t have a yard, live in an extreme climate or have a downstairs neighbor who doesn’t appreciate heavy dropping? Our soft, drop safe, bags are easy on floors and help dampen sound.

Are you quarantined and forced to workout inside your home with potentially breakable things? Because our bags are soft sided, they can help you easily avoid things like broken mirrors, holes in walls, or whatever else you can accidentally muster up!

Have storage issues? No problem! Every bag in our entire bag collection can be laid out flat and easily stacked on-top of one another. This allows them to be tucked in a corner, under furniture, or even in a cabinet.

Have toddlers, pets or generally clumsy people in your household? Again, no sweat! Our bags have no hard edges and are made for durability from 1000d Cordura .

Have a busy life? Need to travel a lot? Simple! Take your bags on the go! When flattened out they can easily be packed in luggage or thrown in a trunk. No worries about rattling and clunking around either!

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